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May 20, 2023

Tournament Date

2023 Atlantic Championships

2023 Atlantic Championships

During the long weekend in May(this years' date was May 20-21) saw close to 100 athletes converge on the Rotary Paradise Youth Center in Paradise for the 2023 Atlantic Table Tennis Championships.

Athletes competed in 25 events which included age events, rated events, doubles events and the prestigious Team competition. Newfoundland athletes had an excellent showing with 17 Podium finishes which was the most among the four Atlantic provinces.

11 Gold & 6 Silver

10 Gold out of 22 Single Events

5 Silvers out of 22 Single Events

4 Singles events with Gold & Silver

Junior Female Team Gold and Silver

The Newfoundland and Labrador contingent had many veterans and some athletes competing in their first Atlantics.

Senior Male Team

1st: PEI

2nd: NB

Junior Male Team

1st: NS

2nd: NB

Junior Female Team

1st: NL (A)

2nd: NL (B)

Championship Male Singles

1st: Todd Gregory (PEI)

2nd: Di Liu (NS)

Championship Female Singles

1st: Divine Aseo (NL)

2nd: Annalise Macnutt (NS)

B Singles

1st: Agrim Vaibhav (NS)

2nd: Minh Nguyen (PEI)

C Singles

1st: Harrison Woodworth (NB)

2nd: Agrim Vaibhav (NS)

D Singles

1st: Peter Quinlan (NL)

2nd: Zaeem Arif (PEI)

Male U15 Singles

1st:Harrison Woodworth (NB)

2nd: Omar Shafi (NS)

Female U15 Singles

1st: Joanna Teresa Raj (NB)

2nd: Theekshitha Prakash (NB)

Male U19 Singles

1st: Oliver Woodworth (NB)

2nd: Agrim Vaibhav (NS)

Female U19 Singles

1st: Divine Aseo (NL)

2nd: Ciela Libid (NL)

Male U21 Singles

1st: Zaeem Arif (PEI)

2nd: Oliver Woodworth (NB)

Female U21 Singles

1st: Chloe Pelley (NL)

2nd: Theekshitha Prakash (NB)

21-39 Singles

1st: Todd Gregory (PEI)

2nd: Di Liu (NS)

40+ Singles

1st: Lee Richards (NL)

2nd: Babu Thiravidamani (NB)

50+ Singles

1st: Merv Greenham (NL)

2nd: Yorck Sommerhauser (NL)

60+ Singles

1st: David Milley (NL)

2nd: Ingrid McPhee (NB)

Championship Male Doubles

1st: Jeff Clow & Tood Gregory (PEI)

2nd: Merv Greenham & Lee Richards (NL)

Male U15 Doubles

1st: Daniel Patey & Ryder Walters (NL)

2nd: Kenneth Anthony Martin & Jadon Anthony Martin (NB)

Male U19 Doubles

1st: Harrison & Oliver Woodworth (NB)

2nd: Xander Brown & Agrim Vaibhav (NS)

Female U19 Doubles

1st: Divine Aseo & Ciela Libid (NL)

2nd: Madison Clarke & Chloe Pelley (NL)

B Doubles

1st: Nick Hiscock & Peter Quinlan (NL)

2nd: Michel Ichiy & Harrison Woodworth (NB)

Championship Mixed Doubles

1st: Michel Ichiy & Ingrid McPhee (NB)

2nd: Di Liu & Annalise Macnutt (NS)

U19 Mixed Doubles

1st: Peter Quinlan & Divine Aseo (NL)

2nd: Gavin Parsons & Madison Clarke (NL)

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