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A blast from the past

Archival History

The Newfoundland and Labrador Table Tennis Association has a rich history and we believe it is one that needs to be cherished and preserved. 

Below you will find a collection of documents that we have obtained. Albeit the collection is small at the moment but it is our hope that it will grow.

If you have any documents that you would like to preserve and share with the table tennis community please feel free to pass them along.

  • Digitally scanned documents can be emailed to

  • Paper copies can be passed along to Bob Hendricks. The documents will be scanned and then placed on the NLTTA website.


Below is a video from 1978 with NLTTA members demonstrating various table tennis shots

The players are:

Allan Cornish - St. John's

Soo Pun Choo - St. John's

Dave Williams - St. John's

Nancy Janes - CBS

Valerie Haines - CBS

Valerie Haines - CBS

Sandra White - CBS

Vickie Mercer - CBS

John Warr - Springdale

Bruce Burton - NLTTA President - St. John's

NLTTA Training Video Circa 1978

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