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April 1, 2023

Tournament Date

NL Closed

NL Closed

Thanks to everyone who came out for the fourth and final qualifying tournament to be used for earning points for selection to Team NL.

The NL Closed, held on April 1, 2023 saw 40 athletes come together to compete in twelve different events which made for an exceptional day of quality Table Tennis.  Congratulations to all on a fine performance.

During the 2023 AGM members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Table Tennis Association were acknowledged for their accomplishment and contributions to the sport. Congratulations to all, and excellent job.

Volunteer of the year - Robert Hendricks

Coach of the year - Jeremy Lehr

Official of the year - Kenny Curlew

Rising star award - Daniel Patey

Rising star award - Mark Spurrell

Rising star award - Zachary Burden

Most improved male (junior) - Carter Walters

Most improved female (junior) - Ciela Libid

Most improved male (senior) - Erik French

Female player of the year (junior) - Divine Aseo

Male player of the year (junior) - Peter Quinlan

Male player of the year (senior) - Nick Hiscock

A Singles

1st Nick Hiscock

2nd Jiaqi Mu
B Singles

1st Yorck Sommerhäuser

2nd Divine Aseo

C Singles

1st Gavin Parsons

2nd Scott Maloney

D Singles

1st Evan Denty

2nd Nic Coombs

E Singles

1st Adam Wakely

2nd Alexander Holloway
A Doubles

1st Nick Hiscock/Jerry Hiscock

2nd David Milley/Denys Reznichenko

B Doubles

1st Divine Aseo/Ciela Libid

2nd Gavin Parsons/Madison Clarke

C Doubles

1st Tuotian Liao/Zhaopeng Qu

2nd Evan Denty/Adam Wakely

Male U15

1st Evan Denty

2nd John Lynch

Male U19

1st Peter Quinlan

2nd Gavin Parsons

Female U19

1st Devine Aseo
2nd Ceila Libid

Male U40

1st Jiaqi Mu

2nd Denys Reznichenko

Male 40+
1st Scott Maloney

2nd Barry Hicks

Senior Male Team Qualifier

1st Nick Hiscock

2nd Merv Greenham

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